National Donut Day

Happy National Donut Day!

Did you know that marble counters are beloved by bakers because it is ideal for keeping dough from sticking — particularly when you’re not keen on adding too much extra flour?


Marble maintains a consistent temperature of approximately 62˚F, which makes it ideal for handling otherwise sticky items, such as dough and chocolate, that require cool temperatures to properly be worked with. If you’re an avid baker, it’s an essential tool to have in your kitchen. It will keep the dough cool, is nonporous (when properly sealed), resistant to bacteria, and it’s easy to clean and maintain although there is plenty of debate about how good marble countertops are when it comes to staining and durability. 

For many many years Europeans have used and loved white marble countertops for kitchen baking surfaces, understanding that the tops naturally age with use. In fact, they take much pride in the look and feel of their aged marble as they should, a well-aged marble countertop is like a well-aged wine – both are quite rare and valuable.  Although Europeans embrace the “aging” of their marble countertops, they also take great steps to ease the process by taking care of their surfaces.
To maintain the look of a beautiful white marble countertop, as seen in many European kitchens and magazines today, we recommend avoiding polished marbles for baking surfaces or entertainment areas and instead choose marble that has been honed (a matte or unpolished finish).  In addition, you should clean your white marble baking surface soon after use to avoid staining.
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