Bianco Antico Bathroom Install


Bianco Antico is a Brazilian granite that is loaded with character. The overall appearance is not uniform and the large grey / brown mineral deposits that are scattered all over the stone are easily visible. 

When you combine with dark cabinets, the contrast is very strong between the light granite and the cabinets. However, thanks to the stunning brown minerals throughout the entire stone, the countertops feel like they tie in with the room and do not look too stark.

Here’s a great example –  check out what it brings to the table in this stunning bathroom that we recently installed!


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FAQ Friday : Granite and Heat Resistance

A frequently asked question we get is:

Can I place a hot pot directly onto my granite countertop?

Here’s what we tell our customers:

Every once in a while, your granite countertop will be able to handle a dish taken directly out of a hot oven, but repeated exposure to high temperatures can eventually lead to discoloration of the stone or sealer or gouges in an extreme scenario. Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials you could choose for your workspace.

A major factor is a difference in temperature between the hot item and the cold surface of the granite countertop. The average house sits around 73 degrees Fahrenheit versus a pan out of the oven is generally going to be 350-500 degrees. This quick temperature shift of the counter can cause shock, which can cause cracks and/or chipping.

The best way to avoid damaging the surface of your granite kitchen countertop is to appreciate its durability – not take advantage of it. In other words, appreciate the fact that an occasional oversight will not harm the countertop. But do not assume that constant abuse will be forgiven, avoid placing hot pots or pans directly onto the surface when= possible. Have a trivet accessible when cooking to act as a barrier between hot pots and granite countertops.

Besides protecting your investment of new granite countertops, there are also several other reasons why Granite and Marble Creations recommends using hot plates or trivets. Hot pots or pans may take off the protective coat of sealant from the surface, especially with continued exposure, making your countertop vulnerable to future stains. Your granite will also pull heat away from things, such as a hot casserole dish, causing the dish and food to cool more quickly.

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The wonders of natural stone…

We find it humbling to be chosen for the ability to work with the glory of the natural world and bring a tiny sliver to brighten the homes and businesses of our own region.  The natural designs with the veins of color and shimmer in natural stone are breathtaking and leave us with a sense of respectful wonder.  It is an honor to be able to share this beauty with our clientele.